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Aircraft Acquisition Services

For buyers of aircraft, the industry professionals at Chicago Jet Group offer complete aircraft acquisition services, from conducting a worldwide aircraft search and a fair-market value analysis, to arranging demonstration flights and pre-purchase evaluations.

The sales professionals at Chicago Jet Group work closely with our in-house maintenance experts to provide a level of service for your aircraft acquisition that few can match. We go the extra mile to locate the best aircraft that fits your needs.

Our professionals are here to serve you and have years of experience at doing just that, serving you! We have the people and what it takes to see things through with a new or pre-owned aircraft acquisition. The offer to purchase is just the first step in a long line of hurdles to owning an aircraft. Whether it is new or pre-owned aircraft, we have what it takes to make your aircraft acquisition an enjoyable experience.

Easy, Affordable Aircraft Acquisition Services

Whether buying or selling an aircraft, Chicago Jet Group can offer assistance with your transaction. Our trained sales professionals provide a network to conduct comprehensive market research and keep you informed of new trends and opportunities in the aircraft market place. We track aircraft values, monitor maintenance requirements and federal regulations; as well as keeping with the current tax laws to keep you current with today’s aircraft sales market. Chicago Jet Group has the experience and technical expertise to guide you through the complexities of aircraft acquisition in order to achieve the best possible solution.

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Aircraft Marketing Services

For aircraft sales, Chicago Jet Group offers comprehensive aircraft marketing services, including the worldwide listing of aircraft, the advertisement of aircraft in leading industry publications, as well as a network of sales professionals working for you to get the job done. All of this is accomplished while looking out for your best interests.

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