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CPDLC install and training



 FANS and ATN training is provided by Kobev International

Data Link

A communication link between the pilot and Air Traffic Control (ATC) by means of digital messaging.

CPDLC or Controller Pilot Data Link Communication

The text messaging application used to receive clearances and exchange reports between pilots and controllers over any available sub network. The pilot interface provides a menu of standard ATC request text messages, and the display shows the received ATC command messages. FANS – 1/A/CPDLC is used all over the world, primarily in oceanic airspace, but also in remote Enroute airspace.

Fans – 1/A+ Or Future Air Navigation System

The product name given to a suite of software upgrades that implement CPDLC, ADS-C, AFN and AOC communications over ACARS protocols. FANS 1 was originally developed by Boeing, while FANS A was developed by Airbus. The two systems are functionally identical. Industry standardization efforts sought to refer to both packages simultaneously, hence the naming convention FANS – 1/A. The “+” came about as a minor update to the industry standard, DO-258 to DO-258a, and is primarily due to the new message latency feature in CPDLC. All FANS – 1/A+ messages can be sent over Inmarsat or Iridium satellite systems in addition to VHF (VDL Mode 0, Mode A, or Mode 2.).

ADS-C Or Automatic Dependent Surveillance Contract

Automatic position reports that require no pilot interaction. The Contract in ADS-C means that ATC controls the reporting system. FANS 1/A/ADS-C is used all over the world, primarily in oceanic airspace, but also in remote Enroute airspace. There can be up to five separate ATC connections  at any one time, with each connection having up to three contracts.

The following is a description for each of the four types of contracts:

  1. Periodic Contracts – ATC sets or alters the update rate as needed (a higher update rate is usually required in high traffic areas).
  2. Event Contracts – Communicated if there is a change in Altitude, Lateral Deviation, Vertical Rate or Crossing a Waypoint.
  3. Demand Contracts – ATC can request a one-off update as needed. This does not affect an existing contact preset rate.
  4. Emergency Mode Contracts – Initiated and cancelled by the pilot, not the controller. Emergency Mode changes all existing contracts to a more rapid rate, with the emergency mode indicator. Emergency Mode is automatically triggered by the MAYDAY message.

FOI Or Fans-Over-Iridium

Future Air Navigation System Over the Iridium satellite network approved for use by the Federal Aviation Administration FAA. Literally, the same FANS – 1/A+ software now operates over the Iridium subnetwork as well.


The Eurocontrol programme for ATN/CPDLC in European airspace. ATN B1 protocols provide communications over VDL Mode 2 (only).
Compliance mandates have been put on hold until February 2020.

Our Current CPDLC Fans 1/A+ and ATN Solution Supplemental Type Certificates (STC):

  • STC #ST03262CH – Completed December 2016, Challenger 600, 601 and 604 Fans
  • STC #ST03369CH – Completed April 2016, Gulfstream GV Fans
  • STC #ST03262CH – Completed April 2016, Gulfstream GII and GIII Aircraft Fans
  • STC #ST03369CH – Completed April 2016, Dassault Falcon 2000EX Fans
  • STC #ST03262CH – Completed April 2016, Dassault Falcon 2000 Fans
  • STC #ST03369CH – Completed August 2015, Boeing 767 – 200 Fans
  • STC #ST03369CH – Completed August 2015, Gulfstream GIV (GIV-SP) Fans
  • STC #ST03262CH – Completed April 2015, Westwind Astra, Astra SPX, and Gulfstream G100 Fans
  • STC #ST03369CH – Completed August 2014 for the Dassault Falcon 900 and 900EX Aircraft Fans
  • STC #ST03262CH – Completed September 2013, Dassault Mystere Falcon 50 Fans

We are currently working with the following aircraft for FANS STC’s: G200, Lear 45, Piaggio P.180 Avanti

Our CPDLC STC’s meet FAA and EASA approval along with Transport Canada and ANAC (Agência Nacional de Aviacão Civil) expected very soon.
Our FANS – 1/A+/CPDLC solutions are designed specifically to update and supplement your aircraft’s current equipment. Most importantly our STC’s are compliant for the ICAO North Atlantic Mandate requirements and are ATN B1 for the Eurocontrol ATN B1 SESAR + Mandate.
Our FANS – 1/A+/CPDLC installations focus on using FANS-over-Iridium to mitigate the cost of both installation and operation.
We are in the process of adding SwiftBroadband as an option to the CJG FANS STC’s.


  • Allows operation in FANS-designated premium airspace, thereby reducing fuel burn
  • Allows user preferred routes, thereby reducing fuel burn
  • Increases Safety (with flight plan conformance monitoring)
  • Communications not affected by language or accents
  • Allows more aircraft into currently limited amounts of airspace via reduced separation minimums
  • Our solutions are compliant with the mandates and advisory circulars

Exemptions And Waivers

EUROCONTROL approved OEM Waivers – Waivers have been granted to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), for lifetime exemption on certain airframes.  Aircraft not equipped with a ATN B1 SESAR, ATN/CPDLC solution, may receive less than priority treatment from Air Traffic Control. While your aircraft may continue to operate after the mandated requirements with a qualified waiver, you will be excluded from the preferred airspace in Europe, meaning you will have to fly under 28,500 feet.

Best Equipped, Best Served.

FAA Data Comm is going to be available at 63 airports within the United States by July 2018 for Data Link Clearance (DCL)
United States enroute CPDLC is going to be available starting in October 2018 and completed by November 2019.
In addition, if your aircraft is unable to perform the push to load messages fro ATC, you will not be allowed to use your CPDLC system in the United States domestic enroute airspace.

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