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Chicago Jet Group Article in Aviation International News

Fans Ops Mean Another LOA for Bizav

Published: May 3rd, 2012
For U.S. Part 91 business jet operators that fly to Europe, the upcoming Future Air Navigation System (Fans) mandate means not only new operational procedures but also yet another letter of authorization (LOA) requirement from the FAA. Fans and controller pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) are essentially functions that will be baked into the flight management system (FMS), yet each operator’s implementation of procedures, training and a maintenance program for Fans/CPDLC will need a formal stamp of approval from a local FAA office.

Pilots and operators are already weary and frustrated with delays in processing of RVSM LOAs by FAA Flight Standards District Offices (FSDOs). Adding another LOA to the growing pile, at a time when FAA funding can barely keep up with aviation needs and FAA inspectors are overburdened with demands on their time, isn’t a welcome prospect. Currently, LOAs are required for a number of business jet activities, such as RVSM, minimum equipment lists, RNP operations and flight in North Atlantic minimum navigation performance specification (MNPS) airspace.

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Chicago Jet Group Article in Aviation International News