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Chicago Jet Group and Max Viz Announce EVS-1500 Falcon 900 Installation

Chicago Jet Group and Max Viz Announce EVS-1500 Falcon 900 Installation

Max-Viz, Portland, Oregon – 28 February, 2011, Max-Viz and Chicago Jet Group of Sugar Grove, Illinois announced their first installation of a Max-Viz EVS-1500 dual field of view (optical zoom) infrared Enhanced Vision System (EVS) system on a Falcon 900 aircraft at Chicago Jet Group’s facility.

“This first installation with Chicago Jet Group sets the stage for additional follow on programs” states Bob Yerex, VP Sales for Max-Viz Inc. “It was a distinct pleasure to work with Chicago Jet Group, most importantly Kevin Hufford who was overall program manager from the onset”. “We look forward to many more Falcon installations with Chicago Jet Group in our cooperative future”.

Kevin Hufford, Avionics Manager for Chicago Jet Group stated “we knew from inception that the capabilities and performance of the EVS-1500 from Max-Viz was going to be the safety solution for our customer.” “After significant research, the dual field of view EVS-1500 was our only logical choice.” “Our pilots’ reported during the newly equipped aircraft’s first flight into KASE Aspen, CO that the terrain awareness was just exceptional.”

“Also of equal importance to note was how often and effectively we used the EVS enroute for cumulonimbus build-up avoidance that would not have been possible with only weather radar.” “Already with our return trip from KASE, we were able to discriminate IFR from MFVR conditions by revealing terrain that previously was just a black abyss.” “The overall situational awareness improvement in our cockpit will make a tangible difference in both our comfort and the safety of all of our future operations.”

Chicago Jet Group (Aurora Airport, KARR) provides Part 135 charter and aircraft management services and is a Part 145 full service avionics and maintenance facility. Chicago Jet Group has developed, installed and completed multiple internal STC’s and continue on with similar projects each day ensuring that their transient and managed client’s aircraft are meeting the highest standards of technical safety. Chicago Jet Group can be contacted at (630) 466-3600

Max-Viz (www.max-viz.com) designs and markets the smallest, most reliable and affordable Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) for aircraft. The systems use real-time infrared sensors, signal processing, and a cockpit display to provide flight crews with actual images of terrain, runways, taxiways, aircraft and other potential obstacles better than the naked eye during poor visibility conditions such as light fog, haze, smoke, brown / whiteout, light precipitation and darkness.

Chicago Jet Group and Max Viz Announce EVS-1500 Falcon 900 Installation