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Aircraft Purchase Consultation

Chicago Jet Group started in 2003 with the lofty idea of providing the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail in the corporate aircraft industry. IN addition to focusing on quality maintenance and service, Chicago Jet Group also offers an expert aircraft purchase consultation.

A Chicago Jet Group professional aircraft purchase consultation will help in every step of your purchasing process, including:

  • A worldwide aircraft search
  • Fair-market value analysis
  • Demonstration flights and pre-purchase evaluations

Corporate Aviation Aircraft Purchase Consultation

The experienced sales professionals at Chicago Jet Group work closely with our in-house maintenance experts to provide an unmatched level of service for aircraft acquisitions. We go the extra mile to locate the best aircraft that fits your needs.

Call 630-466-3600 now to speak to one of our experienced representatives about how an aircraft purchase consultation at Chicago Jet Group can you with your next corporate aircraft transaction.

Chicago Jet Group’s professionals have years of expert industry experience serving you. An expert aircraft purchase consultation will see things through from beginning to end of the purchase of your new or pre-owned aircraft.

The offer to purchase is just the first step in a long line of hurdles to owning an aircraft. Whether it is new or pre-owned aircraft, an aircraft purchase consultation at Chicago Jet Group will make your aircraft acquisition an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Professional Aircraft Purchase Consultation

Whether buying or selling an aircraft, the trained sales professionals at Chicago Jet Group will offer you invaluable assistance with your transaction. We provide a network of experts to conduct comprehensive market research that will keep you informed of new trends and opportunities in the aircraft market place.

An aircraft purchase consultation will track aircraft values, monitor maintenance requirements and federal regulations, as well as keep up with the most current tax laws to keep you compliant with today’s aircraft sales market. Chicago Jet Group’s aircraft purchase consultants have the experience and technical expertise to guide you through the complexities of aircraft ownership in order to achieve the best possible solution.

Don’t delay. Call 630-466-3600 now and one of our qualified representatives will help explain how an aircraft purchase consultation at Chicago Jet Group can help make your corporate aircraft purchase smooth and safe.